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Gutter Punk Coffee
Creating employment opportunities for youth experiencing homelessness and housing instability

Chan & Jo
Gutter Punk Coffee

Wedding Registry


A note from Chan & Jo

As we began to consider wedding registry, we took a look around and concluded that we had everything we needed (if not more than what we needed—yes, Joseph loves shopping). From this, we decided to do something different in place of a traditional registry. One of our desires as a couple is to live generously and to serve often and well the people around us. Our model for this lifestyle is Jesus, who did the same. Our friend, Ben, lives a life similar to this. Ben was there for the inception of our relationship—it was in his small group that we met! He has been a dear friend to us both, even traveling as a third-wheel to Hong Kong in 2016 (see picture). He shares our desire to love Christ and to love people. He also is passionate about coffee. Recently, Ben has helped to start a non-profit coffee shop that empowers people, specifically, youth transitioning out of homelessness. Ben is a man that encourages us to live our lives fully and to love others well. Because of this, it is our desire to "replace" what would be our wedding registry with gifts that go toward supporting our friend Ben and what Gutter Punk Coffee is doing to impact the world. Keep scrolling for information on how Gutter Punk is doing that!

With love,

Chan & Jo


About Gutter Punk Coffee

It all started when Ben Griswold was a fresh-out-of-college Wisconsin kid living in the heat of Houston, Texas working for a big company doing big company stuff. What Ben loved most was Jesus and Jesus loved to go about and do good things for and with people that didn't necessarily fit into their culture's ideal. Ben spent some years meditating on what this meant for him, always having a desire in the back of his mind to use venture as a means to advocate for marginalized people in a way that gave space to learn and grow and create something beautiful.

Ben moved to Minneapolis with a job promotion and continued to dream of what God had in store for him there. One day he got invited to a neighbor's party and met Carley, a social worker, who had a dream to start an employment and life skills training program for youth experiencing homelessness in the city, using coffee as a model. She was praying for someone with coffee and business knowledge to step in and help. This was the door that Ben was waiting for the Lord to open. After some time of planning Ben and Carley launched Gutter Punk Coffee starting as a mobile coffee cart focused on farmer's markets, events, and as a roaster delivering wholesale coffee to other organizations who believe in their mission. In the first year of existence, GPC has employed four youth for over 150 hours of paid work and training. Gutter Punk is currently fundraising so they can open a brick and mortar space to create even more jobs and more consistent hours to implement their curriculum.

Ben is incredibly thankful to his friends Chandra and Joseph for the opportunity to share the story of our mission in Houston and to use the funds donated to invest in a community that is yearning for work, for peace, for freedom and for beauty.



Bus fare for one week for an employee


One hour of coffee roasting


One day of employment for a young person


Bicycle for employee to use to get to work and make deliveries


One bag (152 lbs) of ethically sourced coffee from Guatemala


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