Guatemala Waykan - 12oz

Guatemala Waykan - 12oz


This coffee, from Guatemala’s Huehuetenango region, is part of a program our importer offers which aims to raise the level of quality and equitability in this area’s coffee farming community. Farmers that produce crops scoring at an above average level are able to receive a premium for their coffee instead of a traditional commodity set price level for bulk, regardless of quality.

At Gutter Punk Coffee, we strive to be wise stewards of the entire life cycle of coffee, from farmer, to roaster, to brewer, to consumer, we want to acknowledge the hard work and dedication that brought us such a delicious cup of coffee. We want everyone who played a role in this coffee to earn a fair and living wage. There isn’t much use advocating for unstably housed youth here in the Twin Cities if our supply chain doesn’t reflect that same care across the globe. Thanks for learning a part of this coffee’s story, we hope it brings you joy as you taste it.

In the cup we taste chocolate, pistachio, honey, toffee, grape, apple, tropical fruit and citrus flavors with a lingering sweetness, smooth mouthfeel and tart, fruit acidity.

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