Welcome to our rebranding FAQ page. We’ve attempted to anticipate and answer all your questions regarding this huge change for the agency. If we’ve missed something, please pop over to the Contact Us section and shoot an email our way. We are available to answer all questions and concerns, and hope to make this transition as seamless as possible for our supporters.


Why are you rebranding?

After much deliberation, we decided we could find a name that is more inclusive of all the kinds of youth we work with. We’ve found that having such a specific cultural reference limits the way people view our employees, and it no longer fits all the youth we serve. We work with youth experiencing homelessness across a broad spectrum, and we wanted a name that reflected that.

We also desired a name that looked more toward the future. One that reflected the great hopes and dreams our employees have. We wanted a name that inspired the community to share the incredible vision we have for the success of each youth who passes through our doors.

Finally, our name was confusing for many! While we love having conversations and educating customers and donors, we wanted a name that tied in more succinctly with our mission and vision. Many people didn’t understand our name, and the correlation to what we were doing wasn’t always there. After many discussions about how we want to communicate our message to the community, we realized our name should be a building block for our program, not a source of confusion and disconnect.

We have loved being GPC, and will always carry elements of our roots with us, but we are so excited to embrace a new name that more clearly articulates the way we view our youth, and the true future of where we’re headed.  

Who helped make this decision?

This was a decision made by Ben and Carley in tandem with our Board of Directors. Our current youth employees were also consulted. The decision wasn’t made lightly, and we carefully considered all of our options before taking the plunge to rebrand!

Has anything else changed?

Nope. All the best parts of GPC are still there. We still employ youth experiencing homelessness, we still serve great coffee, and we’re still your favorite group of slightly irreverent, over-caffeinated punks. Those of you who buy coffee or are a subscription customer can still expect everything to continue as usual. Give us some time to switch over our bags to reflect the changes, but you’ll still be receiving the same delicious product you’ve come to expect from us.

I’m a wholesale customer, what does this mean for me?

Not much. This change in no way affects your account with us as pricing and delivery will continue on as usual. We will be reaching out individually with some steps you can take to help us spread the word about the new name, and will also provide updated advertising such as posters, info cards and stickers to replace the GPC materials we previously gave you. Overall, it should be a pretty seamless transition for you!

Does this mean we’re in trouble?

Not at all. The business continues to expand, as does our traction in the community. This rebranding was not an attempt to revive a dying company, rather, this was a decision to try and unify everything we are under a more positive, future-focused name and rallying cry. We hope you catch the excitement too!

Why did we work with a firm?

We were lucky enough to get to partner up with Hunt-Adkins, who donated their time and extremely talented team to helping make this happen. After kicking around their own ideas, Ben and Carley realized they should pull in the pros. We knew we wanted to do this well, and felt the best way to do that was by bringing in people who specialize in this area. Of course, bringing in outsiders can be a scary thought, but the team spent a lot of time learning about our brand, what we loved about GPC and what wasn’t working for us, and what we wanted in a new name. They worked hard to ensure that their work represented us accurately and fit in with the brand we are trying to cultivate. We think they did a great job!

What about my t-shirts/coffee cups/swag?

Unfortunately, some of you have swag with GPC on it. While we can’t offer you a return or replacement item, we will be offering a discount to anyone who already owns GPC apparel and would like to replace it with new stuff. We’ll send out coupon codes when we launch our new line!

How will the transition go?

We will be announcing the new name later in the month on social media, so be sure to follow our Facebook and Instagram for updates and teasers before the big reveal! After that, we’ll switch everything over and continue on with the great coffee and youth work we’ve been doing since we started this thing. Our new bag designs will follow a couple weeks later, so please be patient in that transition! We’re sharing this information now so that there are no surprises later in the month. We know that many of you have invested in GPC and we want to honor your involvement and support by handling this as carefully as possible. We hope this gives you some time to warm up to the idea of change, and get excited about this new direction!

How does this affect me?

For the most part, it won’t! You can still order coffee, we’ll still be at the markets and our mission is still the same. Any account you had with us (wholesale or retail) will be unaffected and you can expect the same product and customer service you’ve been getting. Prices haven’t changed either! We’ve also set everything up to bounce over to our new website and email addresses, so if you forget and try to find us under GPC you’ll still get to the right place.

What else is changing?

The name, logo and style (website look, font etc) will be changed. The brand will definitely feel different than GPC, but we worked hard to incorporate what we loved about being Gutter Punk Coffee into the new look of things. Other than that, nothing else has changed! Still business as usual over here.

How does this affect my donations?

It won’t. Propel Nonprofits still acts as our fiscal agent and will process donations on our behalf. Prior donations are not affected.

Is organizational structure changing?

Nope! Ben and Carley still operate as Executive Directors and are still overseen by the same awesome Board of Directors.

Thanks for giving this a read! As mentioned, please contact us with any further questions or comments. Most importantly, stay tuned for the big reveal!

Thank you!