Core Values

Incredible Coffee

Just because we care about people doesn't mean we don't value great coffee. We take pride in the product we serve and want to make it as high a quality as possible. It's our goal that every customer will be 100% satisfied with their purchase or we’ll make it right.

The Dignity of Every Person

We value the dignity of every person and see the inherent worth that lies in everyone who walks through our doors.  This goes for our customers, employees, and our interactions with the wider community. We believe that no matter who someone is or what they do, they deserve our respect.

We recognize that our employees(and sometimes even our customers) current actions may be a product of past circumstances, including trauma that they have experienced.  In light of this, we pledge to be a place of patience and understanding and we're committed to promoting the personal growth of our employees in the context of their unique histories.


Beyond caring for the communities around us, we want to run our business in a way that honors the earth and our environment as well. This means buying coffee from growers that practice sustainable farming and utilizing compostable products in our retail sales.

The Importance of Community

We want Gutter Punk Coffee to be a space where the surrounding community feels welcome to gather and connect with each other. We believe coffee has the power to bring people together and part of our mission is to utilize that power to build bonds within and between communities.

The power of employment

We believe that offering quality employment empowers people and gives them a sense of dignity. Teaching our employees a craft and delivering a quality product gives them something to be proud about, and increases their independence and self-sustainability.